Catherine Harrison is inspired by history, decay, cycles, nature, meaning and symbolism and these themes are referenced in her work. There is a clear interest in alchemy and how a variety of metals can be changed and manipulated through various corrosive chemicals and forces.
Her work also expresses fascination with found objects already corroded by nature’s elements. Whether the metal objects are found, new, old or used, they already come with associated meanings. Through experimenting, constructing and transforming these materials, Catherine brings a new perspective and life to these objects.

Based at Arena Studios, Liverpool.


Best British Student Artist July 2012 ‘My Place on The Isle, Exploring Faith & Identity’ Mica Gallery


AA2A Artist in residence at the Liverpool City College. 2013-2014


Solo Exhibitions


Drawings by Catherine Harrison, Coffee & Fandisha, Liverpool


Group Exhibitions


Coded, 20th- 25th May, Cultural Centre ,Charilaou Trikoupi Str. 121, 114 73 Athens

The Thread That Binds Us, 19th May- 17th June, War Memorial Art Gallery, Stockport

Contemporary Art In Britain, The Portico Library, Manchester

Fuse, Access Space, Sheffield



Curious Cabinets, Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

One, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester

Fuse, The Holt, Sheffield

Relics, TATE, Liverpool

Moirai, The Atrium Gallery, Liverpool

Art Athina, Faliron Pavilion, Athens

Alchemy, Threshold Festival, Liverpool

Patterns In Poetry, Unity Theatre, Liverpool


Berwick Watchtower Open Exhibition, Berwick-upon-Tweed

Resized, Arena Studios and Gallery, Liverpool

Summer Exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, London

The Soup Course, TATE, Liverpool

Liverpool Art Fair, The Gallery, Liverpool

Flux, Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

ArtMobile, HotSpot, Stockholm

Williamson Open, Williamson Gallery & Museum, Wirral


Warrington Contemporary Art Fair, The Gallery, Warrington

This Is Not My Beautiful House, TATE Liverpool

Colonize Revisited, Arena Studios and Gallery, Liverpool

Liverpool Open, Editions Gallery, Liverpool

Liverpool, Art Fair The Gallery, Liverpool

Home, Bridewell Studios and Gallery, Liverpool

Colonize, Dykeman Young Gallery, Jamestown, New York


Clandestine The Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool
Order and Chaos The Art Gallery, Liverpool
Flesh The Crypt Gallery, Euston, London
Possible Impossibilities Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool


Showcase Cities Rich Mix, Shoreditch, London
My Place on The Isle, Exploring Faith & Identity Mica Gallery, Sloane Square, London
Social Morphologies The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare


TAR ART The Open Gallery, Liverpool
TAR ART Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool